Best Subscription Boxes For Kids This Holiday Season 2019

December 10, 2019  |  Author: Adam

It’s that time of year again, the time of year where we all message our family and friends to ask them what their kids want or need. Then if you happen to need to mail the gift, well, it becomes about finding a box to fit, shipping fees, making sure it arrives unbroken and does it need batteries? Can you mail batteries? Who even knows.

Well what if this year you tried something new? There are tons of monthly subscription boxes out there tailored for kids that will not only make your shopping and gifting much simpler, but is certain to bring a smile to any kid’s face and even educate at the same time. You don’t have to subscribe long term, most subscription boxes offer a one time purchase. Then, if the kid likes it you have all their birthdays and every special occasion covered going forward. Now you’re the adult in the family who’s hip, extra cool and it was less effort for you. That’s the dream.

However, there’s so many boxes out there sometimes it can be intimidating and daunting to try and find the best one. So we here at Recurvio have done the research for you!

Here are our top 5 picks for kid’s subscription boxes (in no particular order).

Little Passports

Little Passports made it to our top five due to its unique and fun concept as well as having a variety of options to suit ages 3 to 12. They offer an Early Explorers box (ages 3-5), World edition (ages 6-10), USA edition (7-12) and Science Expeditions (ages 9+). Parents are raving about this box and the culture and education it brings to their children every month.
With boxes containing such items as wall maps, field guides, scavenger hunts, coin boards and more your kiddo is sure to have a blast while learning about the world. Their science expedition box is all about exploring the different fields of science like forensics, aerodynamics and more.

Learn more here.

Kiwi Co.

Kiwi Co is a highly versatile subscription box that offers a box for nearly every area of interest such as arts and crafts, geography, puzzles, STEM, pretend play and more. Each box contains a project and materials tailored to the chosen category of interest. This is a fantastic box to help the kids in your life find their passion and refine their interests all while satisfying their natural desire to learn.

Learn more here, includes a coupon for 30% off!

Wonder Crate

Wonder Crate starts by having you choose a series (or a combo) from innovators, artists and activists. Then each month they will send you a biography and activities inspired by a special influencer such as Amelia Earhart, Nikola Tesla, Leonardo Da Vinci, Dalai Lama and more. This crate not only educates children, but also gives them a role model and limitless inspiration.

Learn more here


Bitsbox teaches kids how to code and has been voted #1 STEM box for kids as well as being featured on SharkTank! Every box has a new concept that will teach various STEM skills and coding. Each month the child will pick an app project, type in that apps code via the online resources given and then be able to use, play and share their app with others. Pretty cool!

Learn more here


Kidpik is focused on the girls in your life (ages 4-16). Most of the time kids hate getting clothes for a gift, but this one they will be excited about. This box starts by having you answer a few questions about her style and interests and then a professional stylist will put together 3 full mix and match outfits that are sure to make her happy about clothes this year. Best of all it’s all unique, limited edition stuff that’s all tailored to your budget.

Learn more here

So hopefully now you feel inspired and full of wonderful ideas to bring out the fashion divas, scientists and explorers in your life. If you have tried out these boxes we would love to know! Send us your thoughts and opinions on these or any other boxes you think are great for children below in the comments, at, or reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter all at Recurvio.

Happy Holidays!

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Marcia Kobzowicz
Marcia Kobzowicz
December 10, 2019 6:48 pm

Great information! I will check out these subscription boxes as gifts for friends and family!


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